Reduce Microaggressions and Increase Profits



Brian J. Quarles is an attorney and commercial law professor who has lectured throughout Asia, Latin America, and the United States. Brian currently lectures in China and analyzes important differences between American and Chinese laws and business practices. Brian has extensive experience providing effective consulting and litigation support to business owners, managers, and executives regarding contracts, labor and employment, and general business issues.


Microaggressions, subtle intentional or unintentional conduct that demean a target person or group, can ignite conflict in your organization and lead to costly lawsuits. From creating hostile work environments to allowing discriminatory practices, microaggressions could cost your firm tens of thousands of dollars in defending legal claims. Do you want to extinguish this hostility and reduce the costs triggered by microaggressions? In Reduce Microggressions and Increase Profits, Commercial Law Professor and Attorney Brian J. Quarles explains how to identify microaggressions and mitigate the risks associated with them.

Brian J. Quarles shares both his professional knowledge of how best to protect your firm against workplace microaggressions and his personal experiences of how he has himself been victimized by them. Through his unique perspective of professional and personal accounts, the author relays dozens of practical tips to address and eliminate workplace microaggressions.



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