Increase Your Income At Least $5000 A Week Regularly With PICK 3 and PICK 4 Lottery Games: The Money Book



“Evenson’spassionate motivation to help people win money is unique in this world.” _ DullWeinley

The work in this bookgives a new meaning to the words ‘play,’ ‘commitment,’ and ‘determination.’Evenson definitively writes this book with passion and clarity.”_ Alan Bradley

From the Author

The system in this book can apply wherever in the world there are Pick 3 and Pick 4 lottery games; in which the combinations are from 0 to 9.
US States: all Lottery states
For Canada
The system in this book can apply anywhere in Canada where there are Lottery Games Daily 3 and Daily 4; in which the combinations are from 0 to 9.

Although it’s a good thing to have the audiobook of this edition, I would like to strongly suggest you to get either the e-book or the paperback too so that you can see the tables, graphs, and the possibility to do the intelligent activities inserted in this book.  

Inrecent months, thousands of Americans, Canadians and Europeans lottery players have found the formulas, strategies, and the overall system in this book very effective. This book helps them make or win vast amount of money for a better financial future. In the United States and around the globe, numerous winners are still contacting me, the author of this book, to express their gratitude vis à vis this great initiative. Because you and I want to continue on the same road of success, we’re going to make the most out of this edition.

This edition offers compelling formulas, strategies regarding of what we ought to do to keep winning the games PICK 3 and PICK 4, and some clear advice on how we can improve our financial reality and create a prosperous future while playing these games.  This book is an important wake-up call to let people know that these games are not absolutely relied simply on luck, to teach people the best winning techniques, and to show them ways which will keep them into the winners’ basket. While we’re not undermining the risk of uncertainty since these games are based on probability, we’re still focused on short-term and long-term personal financial growth and stability.

This book adopts the tradition of hard work, persistence, patience, and goal oriented in the pursuit of success and financial freedom. It also argues the importance of some qualities and values to have in order to succeed. Furthermore, in this book, the general idea is to let us know that we cannot always assume that profits are going to come easily,very quick with no effort. Instead, profits can steadily flow in making long-term strategies to get better outcomes.



For many years, you’ve heard people talking about the law of attraction, but now you’re going to learn about the ‘Law of Reception.’ A lot of people use the power of the mind to attract and manifest things that they want to have in life. However, many, many, and many people nowadays say that they never have or obtain what they’ve envisioned. I recently become aware of something very important: which is the LAW OF RECEPTION.
Millions of people visualized about a better life, but only a very small percentage of people have experienced their vision become a reality. The problem for the majority of people is that they’re neglecting to convince their souls that they want to receive the things they’ve wished-for.
I want you to pay close attention to the words below.
I can receive money as often as possible.
I can receive whatever that I set my mind to.
I want to receive money to become financially successful.
I am motivated to receive millions of dollars.
I chose to receive all resources to live the wonderful life that I’ve visualized.
I declare now that my mind, my soul, and my body are in strong expectation for the reception of my wishes.
I now only wish to receive everything, wonderful things that I want.
Receiving what I desire is truly going to give me joy and happiness.
Dufour Evenson’s Formula for PICK 3
The reasoning of the formula that I called after my name is straightforward and based on a need to predict and find new combination(s) based on the most recent combination that has been drawn. Interestingly, after the application of the formula we’re going to use simple addition method to obtain as many combinations as we want. First step: Formula: DEnc = de1; de2; de3.
DE-Ne-Combination (Dnc) = De1; De2; De3de1 = [(X1 + X2)/2] -1de2 = (X1 + X3)/2de3 = (X2 + X3)/2.
Note-1: if after the calculation we’ve obtained a decimal number, we’re going round that number or we might neglect or reject the decimal depending on the situation because we know that no result should either higher than the number 9 or lower than the number 0.
Note-2: if numbers in the most recent combination drawn are identical, we only need to apply the second step below to find new set of combinations to play. Therefore, there will be no need for the DEnc formula when (X1 = X2 = X3).Second step: use simple addition method to obtain as many combinations as we want. Example: let’s say that the most recent combination of three numbers that has been drawn was 640. In this case, X1=6; X2=4; and X3=0.
Let’s apply the Dufour’s formula to get new combination. Remember DEnc = de1; de2; de3. Now let’s find de1; de2; de3: de1 = [(X1 + X2)/2] -1 => de1 = [(6 + 4)/2] -1 de1 = 4.
Note: if the result for de1 is negative, it’s imperative to multiply that result by (-1) to change it to a positive number. de2 = (X1 + X3)/2 => de2 = (6 + 0)/2=> de2 = 3; de3 = (X2 + X3)/2 => de3 = (4 + 0)/2=> de3 = 2. As a result, DEnc = 4;3;2. Therefore, 432 can be considered as the first of our new combinations to play.
Now let’s do the second step in using simple addition to obtain other combinations as we want. (4+0; 2+3; 5+2) = 4= 5= 7. We’ve added 0 to 4; 2 to 3; and 5 to 2 which gave us a beautiful new combination 4-5-7 to play. There is no need to ask where we found 0, 2, and 4. We’ve chosen them randomly from 0 to 9 because all combinations in this game are from 0 to 9.
Let’s find another combination in using simple addition. This time we are going to add 2 to 4; 6 to 3; and 7 to 2. (2+4; 6+3; 7+2)= 6, 9, 9. Oh yes, now we have a new beautiful combination 6-9-9 to play. So, you can do as many combinations as you want, but remember to always test your new combinations at the reality table to see if they’re actually among the combinations that have been previously drawn during the current year.Note: you should never, ever go over the limit of your budget!



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